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Feeling is painful. We are conditioned not to feel, even as children. As parents we get uncomfortable when our children are hurt, angry, crying, rather than allowing them to feel those feelings we tend to commend, encourage, even reward them not to cry when they are hurt, or get angry when they don’t like something. Even when it comes from a place of love, its damaging. We take medications, smoke, drink, anything not to feel the stress of the day, the thing that our spouse said that hurt, work stress, worry, the list goes on. We block feelings as a safety mechanism.

All of those feelings get compressed, they don’t disappear. They create depressions, anxiety, more stresses. They stay inside our body and turn into tensions, disease, anger, the list goes on.

How do we break the cycle, and recondition ourselves to feel... How can we truly appreciate the good feelings, when we are so filled with compressed old pains and hurts? Can you imagine what the possibilities to feel good, warm, and loved would be if you didn’t have a body and mind full of old hurts? Have you considered that when you do feel good, you are only feeling a pinch of that good feeling, because of all of the hurt it has stacked against it?

Feelings are a necessary growth tool. You must feel in order to heal. Feelings are messy and ugly and beautiful and necessary. The only way to be IN THE MOMENT and live in the lesson you’re in right now, is to feel it. Resistance is humanities worst trait. Lessons come in cycles, if you find yourself in the same situation with the same hurt feelings over and over again, its most likely because you are missing the lesson, and you are not allowing yourself to feel the feelings in order to grow away from it. When you allow things to move through you, and you stop the automatic resistance to feelings, you learn, you grow, you feel. It’s not all bad, and when you allow yourself the opportunity to try, there is a wave of realization, you begin to remove blocks, you begin to heal. What else are we here for? If you think your life is based on what your bank account says, or how many followers you have on social media, you are missing the point. LIFE is about love, it is about legacy, it is about how we leave this earth, it is about how you feel while you’re laying in bed at night before you close your eyes. Are you reliving a day spent wrapped in love and lessons learned. Or are you worrying, stressing, and resisting the lessons, only to relive them again tomorrow?

Share your heartache, spill your suffering, lay out your ugly. Vulnerability is the most stunning growth space there is. Surround yourself with people who have pledged themselves to love, they will see you. Just for today, feel.

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