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“INCREDIBLE!!! Rarely am I ever able to 1) trust someone with my skin and 2) RELAX, but Michelle delivered exceptional results and most importantly, I felt an actual true shift in my body after having reiki done!! As someone who has recently been diagnosed with Lupus, having ANYONE touch me let alone trust someone with my psyche and energy is extremely challenging. Not only was I able to reach a level of calm introspection usually impossible for me, I actually felt the angry muscles in my core relaxing, the constant stress and fatigue balancing, and for lack of a better explanation, i felt like ME again. I’ve felt like a prisoner in my body with my illness, ashamed of my skin flares, exhausted beyond belief- I left my treatment feeling absolutely calm, centered, confident and most of all, happy. I cannot sing praises loud enough! Everyone needs a Michelle!!!!"


“I cannot tell you how amazing this woman is! She is the only one to clear my skin and really help me mentally.. she has a beautiful calm spirit with caring hands. I recommend her because you will not only get an amazing service but gain a great positive service!"


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