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Be careful with angels. They are born with hearts full of unconditional love and hope.

On my path to a place where healing happens daily, I’ve re-learned parenting. Now each outburst is an opportunity to teach. We take a lot of deep breaths together, we afford opportunity to reset attitudes, we talk through feelings and how important they are, even when they hurt. When we are talking something through, we hold hands, and we look at each other.

My hope is that when they are my age, they don’t have to do the work I’m doing on myself now. Mistakes are made, I’m human. But I will say I’m angry less, I haven’t yelled in weeks. It feels much more peaceful here, and it gets better every day. #feelittohealit has been this years motto.

Innocence: lack of guile or corruption; purity. Children are born innocent. We imprint our unhealed hurts and unresolved pains. The greatest thing you can do as a parent is work on yourself.

Just for today, heal.

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